Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Very Special "God Loves Me" Sign

It was March 12, 2010. The Christian schools was having their annual father/son baseball game for a fundraiser ending the basketball season. It had been just six months since I had lost my precious husband, Chad after a short battle with cancer. I glanced over at our 12-year-old son, Nathan, who was watching this game, eagerly awaiting his chance to play baseball next year as a seventh grader. My heart began to ache, knowing that when his turn came, He could not have his father, cheering, encouraging and instructing him. I even began to question God.

Realizing that my thoughts and feelings were quickly headed in a direction that was not good for my spirit. I began praying. "God, while I don't understand why this is happening in our lives. I know that you have a purpose, and I know that you love me." As I sat there in the stands praying, a frog hopped out into the basketball court, causing the game to be interrupted as the referee blew his whistle a little frog was removed from the gym. The spectators chuckled, and the game was resumed.

Tears filled my eyes as I had this overwhelming feeling that God has sent that frog just for me! I have been collecting frogs for some time as a reminder "fully rely on God." This was truly another one of those reminders, I left the game that night feeling very loved by God.

From Christian Womanhood, volume 35, number 08 December 2010. Pg.22 .
Author, Mrs. Tarry Lewis
Landmark Baptist Church
Parkersburg, West Virginia