Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Seeing God’s Beauty for the First Time

The story was told of a young boy who was blind from birth. As the child grew, his mother would tell him of the beautiful flower garden she had. Often the young lad would go to the garden with his mother to explore its beauty. Using his hands he would feel the texture of the plants trying to imagine what they could possibly look like. He would make frequent stops along the way smelling the plants that had the sweetest fragrance. Sometimes he would notice a new plant and ask his mother about it, insisting she describe to him every detail about the plant.

As time went on, the mother was informed of a procedure that would bring sight to her child. Elated about this new discovery, she agreed to the procedure and the time was set. After the operation, the mother was instructed to only remove one rap at a time for thirty days; this would allow his eyes to adjust to the light.

The day before the final wrap was to be removed. His mother asks him what would be the first thing he’d like to see. Without hesitation, he told her he wanted to see the flower garden. The next day he and his mother went to the garden to remove the bandage. The air was filled with the aroma of sweet smelling flowers and fresh soil. As she removed the wrap he squinted against the bright morning sun. Once his eyes adjusted they started welling with tears. His mother looked at him with concern and asks if everything was alright. He turned to her and in a quivering voice asks her why she didn’t tell him it was so beautiful. She knelt down beside him and explained that she done the best she could; but only until you could see with your own eyes, would you see the real beauty of the garden.

As a child of God, we are blinded to some of the things that God has in store for us. We try to understand and even want to receive it, but we aren’t quite ready for what He has to offer. When He finally opens our eyes, and shows us the truth. Oh what a wonderful sight to behold. So stay faithful to His word. Seek the truth while you can and let Him open your spiritual eyes. His blessing are there waiting to be revealed so you can enjoy them and share with others.

Louis Edwards