Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Featured Devotional "Perfect Piece"

   As a child of God, when looking for spiritual guidance and great devotional materials, the choices can be overwhelming. There are many great devotional writers that offer helpful Christ centered material to those who long for a closer walk with Jesus. Some of the masters include: Max Lucado, Andrew Murray, Charles Oswald Chambers and the list goes on and on. One of my favorites is Dr. David Jeremiah from “Turning Points,” a ministry of “Shadow Mountain Community Baptist church.” His spiritual insight to the word of God, and his candid ability to help others see the truth in God’s word, make him one of the devotional masters.

   In his “Turning Points Magazine and Devotional, “Perfect Piece,” Dr. David Jeremiah has woven a master piece. In it, Dr. Jeremiah skillfully intertwines the fabric, a child of God, and the Master Tailor, Jesus Christ to fashion the “Perfect Piece.”

Here is his welcome introduction to “Perfect Piece.”
“Dear Friend,

   If I looked in your closet, would I discover that you have a favorite fabric? Perhaps wool for its warmth, cotton for its softness, synthetic because it’s wrinkle free, or even linen because it’s cool and breathable in the summer. We all have a variety of fabrics and garments that we enjoy.

   But there’s one thing I daresay none of us has. Except for a scarf of shawl, none of our garments are seamless. All of our paints, shirts, dresses, coats, and other garments are made of pieces sewn together. And what is true about our clothes is also true about our lives: none of us is a seamless garment of perfection. Each of our lives is a collection of pieces---the moments, events, and circumstances that, pieced together, make us who we are.

   By contrast, Jesus owned a seamless tunic, “woven from the top in one piece” (John 19:23). That garment was like His seamless life---a life uncomplicated by scraps and fragments of sin, bad choices, or broken dreams. Fortunately, God is in the process of conforming the “pieces” of our lives into the beautiful, seamless image of Christ.

   In this issue of Turning Points, we will explore the way God is knitting and weaving together all the pieces of our lives. And that includes the pieces we think are fragments or scraps---they all have a perfect place in the Taylor-made garment God is creating for us.

Please join me for a creative look at the work of God, the Master Tailor!

Gratefully yours,

David Jeremiah”

From: Turning Points Magazine & Devotional Aug. 2012
Turning Points

   I hope you enjoy these devotions as much as I have. I will post them every week. Also share your thoughts with us and how it has helped you in your life.

Thank you

Louis Edwards