Monday, September 6, 2010

The Source of the Sower

B. The Source of the Sower

1. The word of God

Ps. 119:11
It is important that a child of God hid the word of God in his heart. That will help us often in times of need. It can keep us from doing those things that are not pleasing to God. And it will help us to maintain a good testimony.

Ps. 119:105
God’s word will help up along the way. It will give us direction, security, and peace of mind.

Ps 119:9
The word of God will help a child of God to keep his way clean, if we take heed unto it.

Ps. 119:50
The word of God is a comfort in the time of affliction. It will make you come alive

Ps. 119:89
A child of God can know with out a doubt, that Gods word is established in heaven and will not changed.

2. The house of God

Heb. 10:25
A child of God needs constant fellowship with Gods people. Even so more as it gets closer to the Lords return.

3. The man of God

I Pet. 5:2-3
The man of God has the responsibility of the care of Gods people. So he should most knowledgeable about God and his word

4. The people of God

Acts 2:42
A child of God should have fellowship around Gods people and his word.

II Cor. 4:16
A child of God can only have fellowship with Gods people.

I John 1:3
The fellowship of Gods people is truly around one another and the Son of God.