Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fruit of the Spirit (outline)


I. The sower

A. Who is the sower
1. Christ
2. The child of God

B. The source of the sower
1. The word of God
2. The house of God
3. The man of God
4. The people of God

C. The preparation of the sower
1. Must have good seed
2. Must know his seed
3. Must prepare his seed
4. Must prepare the ground

II. The ground

A. Unprepared
1. Not tilled
2. Walked on
3. Vulnerable to attack

B. Partially prepared
1. To rocky
2. No support
3. Burns easily

C. Unkept

1. Not weeded

D. Well prepared
1. Plowed
2. Good nutrients
3. Watered as needed
4. Weeded daily
5. Produces

III The Husbandman

A. Who is the husbandman
1. The Father

B. What is His Duty
1. To remove unproductive branches
2. Prunes productive branches to produce more fruit
3. He waits for the labors of his work

C. What is his reward
1. The fruit

IV The plant

A. It’s origin

1. From the original seed or producer

B. It’s growth
1. Must be planted or die
2. Put off the old covering
3. Begins new birth

C. The root

1. The receiving room of the factory

2. The growth of a root

D. The stem or vine

1. Supported by the roots

2. Made of several layers

3. The growth rings

E. The Branches

1. Sustained by the vine

F. The leaf of leaves

1. The backdrop fro the beauty of the plant and its fruit.

V. The Fruit

A. Love

1. Agape Love

2. The character of agape love or charity

B. Joy

1. The character of Joy

C. Peace

1. Source of peace

2. How was peace brought to us

3. When is peace given

D. Longsuffering

6. Examples of longsuffering

7. Instructions regarding longsuffering

E. Gentleness

1. Examples of gentleness

2. Exhortations concerning gentleness

F. Goodness

1. Examples of goodness

G. Faith

1. Types of faith

H. Meekness

1. Types of Meekness

I. Temperance

1. Examples of temperance

2. Types of temperance