Monday, September 21, 2009

Opened Eyes

A man walking to work one day noticed a little boy on the street corner with a box full of puppies. On the side of the box was a sign that read, "Methodist puppies for sale."

A week later the same man noticed the little boy with the same puppies. Realizing the sign had been changed from, "Methodist puppies for sale to Baptist puppies for sale," the man stopped to enquire about the change.

He ask, "Son, when I came through here last week the sign read; Methodist puppies for sale and now you have a sign that says Baptist puppies for sale.

"The boy responded, "That’s right."

The man asks, "Aren’t these the same puppies?"

The boy replied, "Yes sir."

The man asks with a puzzled look, "Well, what's the difference between last week and this week?"

The boy answered with a grin, "last week they couldn't see, this week their eyes were open."


by Pegg Thomas said...

Heheheeee... I love good humor!