Friday, August 14, 2009

The Dark

As a child I remember being scared of the dark. My family and I would go the theater, watch a scary movie, then return home in the dark and my Dad didn't help matters.

Afraid that something might get us in the dark . My brother and I would argue over who would turn on the light, and later turn it off again once we were in bed.

One night while getting ready for bed, my Dad had slipped out of the house...or so I thought. Little did I know; he had slid under my bed patiently waiting for his intended victim?

I arrived at my bed, and turned down the covers preparing for the mad dash I would make from the light switch to the bed; then suddenly a hand came from under my bed and grabbed me by the ankle. Well, you know what happened next. I screamed, jumped, and I thought I was a goner.

The light in our bed room brought great comfort in a room full of darkness; not knowing what may be lurking around the corner, or under the bed. Many times as a child of God, we face different challenges of darkness. It may be the uncertainty of family illness, finances, or future events; the list can go on and on.

The light available to us as a child of God, bringing us comfort in a world of darkness is the Word of God. His word says, "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." (Ps. 119:105)

His word is, "A lamp unto my feet..." The light of His word shines directly at our feet allowing us to see any eminent danger. It is, "A light unto my path." This sheds light into a dark and dreary world, allowing us a look into the future and preparing us for what may be ahead.

Jesus is our light, our hope, and our comforter. So don't be afraid of this dark world; remember to turn on the light switch of the word of God.

By Louis Edwards


Lee Ann said...

What a wonderful reminder. Fear is the absence of faith. Better still, faith is the absence of fear. Watching for God's light helps us not to focus on the darkness around us.

I look forward to reading more devotionals here at Heaven Bound!

May the Lord bless you,
Lee Ann

Pegg Thomas said...

Congratulations on creating your blog! I love the look, the layout, the colors, the font, very nicely done!

Unknown said...

Love your devotionals. Nice blog.