Monday, December 27, 2010

Today My Anniversary

Today my wife and I have been "Honey Mooning" for 29 years. If you don't know what that is, we've been married that long and are still on a "Honey Moon." I know what your are thinking, "Yea Right."

Now don't get me wrong we've had our differences, or as we call them "Christian Discussions" but the love is still sweet and gets sweeter as the days go by. She treats me like a "King" and I her like a "Queen." The one thing that we attribute the success of our marriage to is the Lord Jesus Christ that we put first in our lives.

I thank the Lord for her and all she does for me. Today I made her cry. Now don't nail me to the wall just yet, it was a good cry. You know, one of those cries that the man ask if everything is all right, and she says I'm just happy, that kind of cry. Makes us men wonder what makes woman tick... well enough of that. Men you know you've done good when you make them cry for the right reasons.

I just wanted to share this with my readers and say to my wife in front of the World Wide Web of bloggers. Happy Anniversary Sweetheart. I Love You.

I thank all of you for your support and prayers.


The preparation of the sower

C. The preparation of the sower

1. Must have good seed

Matt. 13:24
Notice the sower was sowing good seed. If we are to know anything about what type of seed is good we must know how to tell its quality.

2. Must know his seed

Matt. 13:37
Here we see and recognized seal of approval, the Son of man.

3. Must prepare his seed.

Matt. 17:21
Preparation of the seed many times comes by prayer and fasting.

Acts 27:33
The results of a good seed many times come with much trouble and strife.

Ill. Prayer is the bow, the promise is the arrow: faith is the hand which draws the bow, and sends the arrow with the heart’s message to heaven. The bow without the arrow is of no use; and the arrow without the bow is of little worth; and both, without the strength of the hand, to no purpose. Neither the promise without prayer, nor prayer without the promise, nor both without faith, avail the Christian any thing. What was said of the Israelites, “They could not enter in, because of unbelief,” the same may be said of many of our prayers: they cannot enter heaven, because they are not put up in faith. (6000 Sermon Illustrations pg. 512)

4. Must prepare the ground.

Prov. 18:24
Show yourself friendly; you will be surprised by what you may receive.

Luke 10:33-34
Have compassion on those around you. Some may be hurting on the inside and not showing on the outside. Only God knows the heart of a person.

Luke 15:20
Have compassion on those we love, no matter what failures were committed in their lives.

I Peter 3:8
We should have compassion on our brothers and sisters in the Lord. This will generate blessings from God.

Ill. A pious man of rank was in the habit of associating intimately with pious poor people. A worldly friend of his rallied him on the subject of his associates, and expressed his surprise. The noble Christian man replied, that, as he could hardly hope to enjoy so elevated a rank as they in a future world, he knew not why he should despise them in the present. (6000 Sermon Illustrations pg. 70)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Making the Port of Heaven

Amos 4:12
Prepare to meet your God of Israel.

The steamship London sank off the Land' s End in the English Channel on January 11, 1866 amid a terrible storm. Only one lifeboat was launched before the great ship sank, and only three passengers survived. Among the dead was Daniel Draper, a Wesleyan Methodist preacher. In the hours before the ship was lost. He reportedly went from person to person evangelizing the passengers and crew, and he led virtually the whole ship to faith in Christ. The last words, anyone heard him utter were "Those of you who are not converted. Now is the time, not a moment to be lost, for a few minutes we shall all be in the presence of the judge."

Our world is a storm and many are sinking in life's alarms. Revelation 20 vividly describes the coming judgment of the great White throne of God at the end of history. If you don't know Christ as your Savior there's not a moment to be lost. Prepare to meet God by confessing Christ as Lord of your life today.

The captain tells us there is no hope: that we must all parish, but I tell you there is hope for all. Although we must die, and you shall never again see land. We may all make the Port of Heaven.
Daniel Draper, above the London

From: Turning Point online Devotional.
June 24, 2010